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General information about our apartments

Every apartment has a private entrance this way our guests can feel themselves as they were at home. The bedrooms in them (one, two or three belong to an apartment) give a pleasant resting to our guests.

Every set of rooms has a well-equipped kitchen-with a dining-room or dining-corner, which can be the place of regular cooking and baking too.

A small talk, watching TV or a friendly meeting cannot mean any obstacle at us because we have an atmospheric living-room in every apartment.

At planning of our bathrooms we have taken the demands of our guests into consideration to the utmost, therefore they open generally from the bedroom. Where it was possible we have also placed an extra toilet into the apartment.

Our terraces and balconies are big enough for families to have breakfast, drink an afternoon coffee, have supper or just have a nice chat there.

In each apatment is wifi available.

The upstairs apartments are from 15. June 2016 with air-conditioning equipped.

To watch photos about our Apartments click: here.

Our single apartments:

I. "Little Pine" apartment:

For 2 (+ 1) persons –40 m2
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom + toilet, kitchen with + living-room, balcony

I. "Family Pine" apartment:

For 4 (+1) persons –60m2
2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, toilet, kitchen + living-room, balcony

II. Small “A” apartment:

For 2 persons     - 40m2
1 bedroom, bathroom with a toilet, living-room+kitchen+dining-room+terrace

III. Small “B” apartment:

For 2(+2) persons-45m2
1 bedroom, bathroom with a toilet, living-room+kitchen, dining-room, terrace

IV. Classical apartment:

For 4-7(+1) persons-100m2
3 bedrooms, 1 alcove, 1 bathroom + toilet, 1 bathroom, toilet, kitchen+dining-room+living-room

V. Brown apartment:

For 4(+1) persons-80m2
2 bedrooms, bathroom+toilet, living-room+kitchen, dining-room, terrace

VI. Blue apartment:

For 4(+1) persons-80m2
2 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, kitchen+dining-room, living-room, balcony

VII. Green apartment:

6(+1) persons-150 m2
3 bedrooms+bathroom, 1 extra toilet, living-room, kitchen+dining-room, balcony


H-8315 Gyenesdiás, Pici u. 3
Tel./Fax: +36-83-316-569